When appliances malfunction

When appliances malfunction, many people turn to online resources for appliance repair services. Some individuals who have previously used a particular service will call that company again. For others who are searching, some prioritize finding the earliest available repair service to restore their convenience promptly. While they are willing to pay for repairs, they expect a reasonable price. On the other hand, some people are more cost-conscious and want to know the potential repair costs for their specific appliance issue before making a decision.

Upon contacting appliance repair services, customers are often informed that estimates cannot be provided over the phone and that a service technician must visit to perform a diagnostic procedure. This typically incurs a service call charge, which is usually applied towards the cost of repair if the customer chooses to proceed, making it effectively “free” if the estimated repair cost is agreed upon. However, if the customer decides not to proceed with the repair, the service call charge is due at that time.

Most customers, regardless of their initial expectations, are surprised by the service call charge used solely for diagnosing the appliance. They often consider it excessive “just to tell them what’s wrong with the unit.” However, the first group of customers typically agree to a service call charge and proceed with the repair, unless the estimate seems unreasonable to them, in which case they may choose to purchase a new appliance. The second group, more budget-conscious, may be reluctant to pay the service call charge but may not have many other options for diagnosing their appliance. While they may initially feel that paying the service call charge to determine the issue is excessive, they often need professional guidance.

Assistance for DIY-ers

We understand that some individuals are confident in their DIY abilities and prefer to research and repair their appliances themselves. However, it is important to note that diagnosing issues accurately can be challenging without the necessary knowledge or familiarity with technical terms. While some DIY-ers are successful in their repair endeavors, others may encounter difficulties, such as misdiagnosing the problem, disassembling the appliance without proper reassembly, or lacking essential information for troubleshooting.
Limitations of Remote Diagnostics

Our Solution

At DiagnoseMyAppliance.com, we aim to address the needs of all these groups by providing remote diagnosis services. With our expert technicians, we can assist both the DIY-ers and those seeking immediate appliance diagnosing services, and help making an educated decision about repair or replacement options. By diagnosing appliances remotely, we eliminate the need for costly service call charges and provide an affordable alternative.

However, it’s important to note that while we strive for accuracy in our remote diagnoses, there may be rare cases where we cannot provide reliable recommendations. In such instances, we will connect you to one of our trusted local expert repair servicemen who can assist you further.


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